ABC-CLIO Modern Genocide

Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences includes more than 200 primary sources that illustrate the process and outcome of genocide, supplying memoirs, narratives, domestic and international legal documents, as well as first-hand accounts that vividly depict the impact of destruction on entire societies as well as on individuals' lives. These invaluable resources enable students to fully grasp the history and events of each modern genocide, and can be used as a springboard for the discussion of human and civil rights issues. Features
  • Covers 10 modern genocides in depth, allowing students to see repeating patterns in history
  • Includes over 1,250 reference entries that cover important individuals, events, organizations, and places related to genocide
  • Provides Feature Stories that present timely original material and connects current events with historical reference giving students a stronger sense of connection to the event
  • Includes essays that discuss topics integral to the subject of genocide, such as the factors that precede and cause genocide, the denial movements related to particular genocides, the role of propaganda in persuading the public to participate in genocide, and other mass killings and massacres not considered genocide by UN standards
  • Provides a complete media library comprising hundreds of photographs, maps, and videos

More information is available at ABC-CLIO Modern Genocide

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