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Music Industry Data (Music ID) is a proven way of gathering information about music trends and the impact of music across countries and cultures. It takes all the academic resources and data available and turns it into knowledge, in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Music Industry Data is a growing repository of historical and current data from Billboard, Official Chart Company, GfK Entertainment and many more reporting agencies around the world. This data is presented in Relative Pitch Graphs™ with sophisticated functionality. Based on sales data, Relative Pitch Graphs™ are a way of normalizing the data over time, and tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

Countries included are:
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile
  • Asia/Pacific: Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria

It is a truly international data set, of great relevance to your Reference Librarian, in addition to interdisciplinary studies between Music and Political Sciences, Business Studies, Entertainment Industry, Film & Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Humanities including Modern History, Statistics.

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