PowerNotes is a subscription software service that fills the digital reading and writing void for students by providing a scientifically designed interface on top of all digital sources. The platform provides a centralized system to collect, organize, cite, and monitor research across various digital sources. It can be utilized as is or with an integrated AI option. This resource provides sorting, exporting, and collaboration features that simplify the analysis and synthesis of your work. These tools also help manage workload efficiently. Features of PowerNotes include:

  • Source information is automatically tracked and linked to all content added to a project, deterring accidental plagiarism or the use of paper-writing services.
  • Capture and format citations with a few simple clicks to create robust bibliographies.
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing courses with a suite of LMS integrations.
  • Displays library database search results in parallel with Google search results to improve library usage.
  • Trackable data provides insightful metrics showing the utilization of their librarians.

The available AI Integration option is an integration with OpenAI, Anthropic, and other leading large language models that was crafted in collaboration with librarians and faculty. This optional enhancement allows educational institutions to seamlessly and securely incorporate AI into their research processes. It works by minimizing AI hallucinations with PowerNotes Brainstorm which is designed to reduce AI inaccuracies. Brainstorm allows users to evaluate, organize, and save crucial research. It restricts the AI's knowledge base to user-completed research and writing, significantly decreasing the likelihood of generating false information. Below are some of research impacts of using AI through PowerNotes:

  • It Prioritizes User Privacy: Ensures the privacy and security of user identities and data, along with the content they engage with.
  • It Enhances Research Efficiency and Best Practices: Offers a suite of AI-enhanced features that automatically function across all databases, eBooks, websites, and other content accessed via the browser.
  • It Boosts Library Resource Utilization: Integrates with library discovery layers to increase the visibility and usage of library resources.

It also enhances research productivity with PowerNotes Discovery AI by Integrating three advanced capabilities into every digital source:

  • It Summarizes Articles: Instantly generating summaries of any article or webpage.
  • It Discovers Related Research Materials: Automatically identifies relevant research topics, prompting PowerNotes to search your library for further exploration.
  • It Queries the Article: Enables researchers to ask specific questions within a semi-closed environment, using the content of the article to provide relevant answers.

PowerNotes also provides AI usage management options. Schools can activate a specific number of AI tokens and control their allocation and usage. They offer assistance in supporting studies and provide usage reports for all AI utilization. Institutions can contact PowerNotes directly to learn more about the AI API's or visit these pages from OpenAI and Anthropic.

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