The Royal Society Read and Publish Agreement

This read-and-publish Open Access agreement from The Royal Society is available to all Lyrasis members. There are three elements:
  • Read. Participating institutions must subscribe to Package S, the complete package of journals available through the Royal Society. This deal is not available for individual title purchases or bundles of titles – only the full Package S. Lyrasis members receive a 10% discount off list price for Package S. Perpetual access is included to content published in a year when the deal was in place.
  • Publish. This is a flat fee, a variable per institution single annual payment based on each institution’s average publishing rate from the previous two years. This enables researchers at participating institutions to publish OA in any of The Royal Society’s journals without the added burden on the library of tracking and approving individual publication fees.
  • Participation Fee. This is a 2.5% fee based on the combined read and publish fees. The minimum and maximum range for the participation fee is $500-$1100. This participation fee covers the costs to the consortium of negotiating and administering the agreement.

The deal includes the complete package of The Royal Society journals, including the following titles:

  • Journal of Royal Society Interface?
  • Interface Focus
  • ?Philosophical Transactions A?
  • Philosophical Transactions B
  • ?Proceedings A
  • ?Proceedings B
  • ?Biology Letters
  • ?Notes and Records
  • Open Biology (fully open access journal)
  • Royal Society Open Science (fully open access journal)

More information is available at The Royal Society Read and Publish Agreement

Lyrasis has negotiated a central license agreement with the best possible terms. Participating institutions placing new orders will be asked to agree to abide by the terms at that time.

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