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The Washington Post (TWP) was founded in Washington, DC, on December 6, 1877. The Washington Post is regarded as one of the leading daily American newspapers, with an emphasis on national politics and the federal government. In 2017 its slogan, "Democracy Dies in Darkness," appeared on its masthead. TWP has won 47 Pulitzer prizes, including six separate Pulitzers awarded in 2008. In October 2013, the paper's longtime controlling Graham family sold the newspaper to a holding company established by Jeff Bezos.

The online version of The Washington Post contains:

  • The full spread of Washington Post content published in real-time with updates continually added throughout the day. The print version, of course, is static.
  • Access to dynamic content through the Post’s native interface. News, photos, graphics, audio and video published on easily searchable topics.
  • Fully searchable content from 2004 to today. Content before 2004 is licensed by ProQuest and is included in PQ’s research database and Historical Newspapers.

Details for Campus-Wide Digital Subscriptions:

  • Group Subscription + Site License Access
  • A best-of-both-worlds blend with IP-based Site License and log-in Group Subscription access.
  • IP-based access method allows anyone connected to your network to have unlimited access to the Washington Post. No required registration, log-in prompts or usernames and passwords.
  • Access provided through domain authentication where readers who register for Washington Post accounts with their school email addresses can then activate subscription access.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the Washington Post from anywhere via desktop, mobile or app.

For more background and information on TWP content, features, terms of service and permitted uses, please see reviews at: https://edesiderata.crl.edu/resources/washington-post-online. The academic offering for digital access to TWP has been negotiated by the Center for Research Libraries on behalf of its members, and CRL has also extended it to North American consortia partners, including LYRASIS. This TWP offer covers only higher education academic institutions (except for non-academic institutions that are CRL members).

More information is available at Washington Post Online

TWP’s Site License is an Academic Site License with IP-based access that authenticates users by the institution's IP ranges. Users must connect through the school’s network to access and use TWP's site. When authorized users navigate to https://www.washingtonpost.com/, they’re pulled into the site via allowed IP ranges. Access is also available on any browser on a smart-enabled device (tablet, smartphone, and laptop) if connected via campus IP range. TWP’s apps for Android, iPhone, and Windows are not included with the campus-wide solution. Because apps are linked to users’ individual credentials (username and password), these authenticate users differently than a site license. TWP’s content, however, is highly optimized for use across devices and browsers. This option may also be configured to work with the institution’s EZ-Proxy servers.

Pricing is determined by FTE, the access method, school size, subscription scope, and rate seasonality. Subscription programs are designed to run on either a calendar or "fiscal" year, i.e., July 1 - June 30. Subscriptions take effect (start) on either the 1st or 15th of the month and are pro-rated to coincide with the corresponding renewal date in years 2 and beyond. All institutional subscriptions run for a minimum one-year term. Institutional access begins (and is available to the user pool) on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, following the mandatory set-up period of 7-10 business days prior to the effective date. This enables TWP to not only set up and configure new accounts, but it also allows for testing and troubleshooting to ensure a successful program launch. Multi-year subscriptions for 2- or 3-year terms are available and allow institutions to lock-in current rates. CRL has negotiated a central master licensing agreement with TWP. Institutions are required to sign TWP’s Purchase Order. This Purchase Order summarizes the school’s program.

CRL has negotiated a central master licensing agreement with TWP. Institutions are required to sign TWP’s Purchase Order. This Purchase Order summarizes the school’s program, detailed pricing, and related details. It references TWP’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, governing user behavior. TWP provides an accessibility statement for guidance on accessibility features here: .

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