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The CQ Public Affairs Collection reports on public policy, statistical and historical analyses, historic documents and primary sources.

Ideal for researchers and students of public affairs and public policy, social work, government, political science, journalism, and communications, the CQ Public Affairs Collection is also an essential one-stop reference tool for lobbyists, government and nonprofit policy organizations, and informed citizens everywhere.

Content and technical features of the collection include:

CQ Content. The Collection contains documents drawn from approximately 20 CQ sources, including encyclopedia entries, case summaries, legislative information, in-depth reports, and statistical analyses from such respected publications as Congress and the Nation, American Congressional Dictionary, CQ Almanac, CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly, Historic Documents 1972-2000, Supreme Court Yearbook, CQ’s Vital Issues Series, and CQ’s Topical Themes A to Z Set.

Links to Primary Sources. The full text or excerpts of key primary sources, including historic documents that are mentioned within the body of a document in the Collection appear as links; for example, the Clean Air Act of 1970 appears as a link in encyclopedia entries on Air Pollution. Users can save primary sources to their Favorites when logged into a session. (See Your Profile below.)

Related Documents and Cross References. Within a document, users will find cross-links to records that are related to the original document.

Further Reading/Bibliographies. Every document refers the user to additional sources that complement CQ publications in the topic area.

Contacts Database. Users can link to contact information for federal and state agencies, Congress, non-profit entities, and international organizations from the document they are using; alternatively, they can search for organizations on the Main Search Screen or Organizations Search Screen. The database is searchable by major topic heading or sub-topics. The database will supply information such as address and other contact data, organization leadership, responsibilities, related regulatory information, and current situation.

Web Links. Users can view a showcase of non-CQ websites organized under major subject headings and accompanied by CQ Press editorial comments. The websites of news and non-profit organizations are examples.

Additional Resources. This feature directs the user to the Chronology, Image Library, and Web Links.

Chronology. Users can view a chronology and timeline for the 20th century to the present, including topic-specific views, organized under major headings and displayed in time increments, and time-specific views that display major events by time increments. Users can link to such documents as legal cases and primary sources that appear in the chronology.

Hot Topics. As an alternative to searching, users can browse a list of approximately 25 subjects representing leading current issues. When users select a Hot Topic — such as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Naturalization, or Privacy — their screen displays a list of all documents by type (e.g., case summaries, legislative information, encyclopedia entries) that contain information on the selection.

Go To Keyword. Key words in a search are highlighted throughout the document in which they are found. Selecting this feature will lead users to each location of the keyword in succession.

Glossary. Pop-up definitions and descriptions appear when users move their mouse over underlined words and acronyms.

More information is available at SAGE CQ Public Affairs Collection

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