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Alexander Street Press Ethnographic Video Online brings together 1,750 hours of documentaries, primary-source footage, and select feature films for the visual study of human culture and behavior, all in one user-friendly online interface.

Three volumes are available:
  • Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I provides 750 hours of film, ranging from the most studied films for the anthropology classroom to indigenous media that give voice to lesser known groups and cultures.
  • Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II on the foundational content in the first volume, Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II introduces 500 hours of material, both archival and contemporary films. This second volume also documents current issues such as environmental crises, refugee migration, and endangered languages.
  • Ethnographic Video Online: Volume III complements the preceding volumes by expanding the geographic coverage of the series into Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as offering indigenous perspectives and voices historically left out of traditional anthropological study. The implicit “us versus them” construct of classical anthropological models is being complicated by cultural and social observations, descriptions, analyses, and works by indigenous scholars, writers, artists, filmmakers, and other commentators who are challenging earlier representations, most of which were by outsiders. The role of the traditional ethnographer is changing, and Volume III is the only academic collection in the world to offer a comprehensive resource of documentaries, feature films, and shorts made by (and often for) indigenous people who allow us inside their world view, interpret their history, and analyze their culture.

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