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CQ Supreme Court Collection blends historical analysis with timely updates and expert commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of Supreme Court justices, Supreme Court institutional history and the U.S. Constitution.

CQ Press introduces a unique new electronic resource that provides the context and analysis of the Supreme Court and its decisions not available in any other web-based product.

Users can access information by topic, justice, and case name. This collection integrates new content not available in any print source and content from CQ's top-quality products to include information such as:

Summaries and analysis of more than 4,000 major decisions, including all the cases in which a written opinion was issued from the Burger and Rehnquist Courts (October 1969 to the present) and links to the full text of the cases.

"Dynamics and Alliances" is a powerful and unique tool to research justices’ voting records and opinion alliances. For example, find out how often and in what cases Justices Stevens and Souter joined together in a dissenting opinion concerning a First Amendment issue.

CQ Cases-in-Context™ provides a selection of contemporary and controversial topics that are of enduring interest to researchers, including topics such as the death penalty, privacy, and free speech.

"CQ Key Cases" are cases designated by the CQ editorial staff as the most important in American constitutional and political history.

Also available are statistics and other data on essential topics, such as the quantitative analysis of voting records and opinion alliances, political alliances, and institutional data.

Documentation of public opinion of the Court and the issues before it, appropriations history, judicial legislation, and judicial staffing.

Chronologies of major cases and justices.

Analysis and comparison of constitutions from a hundred nations

An ideal resource for academic, public, and school libraries, especially those institutions offering AP Government & Politics, this product provides users with a one-stop research center to the analysis of Supreme Court documents. This comprehensive, easy-to-use electronic reference supports courses in political science, government, civics, history, and law.

More information is available at SAGE CQ Supreme Court Collection

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