Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) Tattle-Tape Strips and Accessories

3M Tattle-Tape ™ Security Strips offer discreet protection for your entire collection, including magnetic media.

Used by more libraries than all other security strips combined, 3M Tattle-Tape Security strips are quickly desensitized during checkout and fully resensitized to their original strength at check-in and are guaranteed for the life of the items they protect.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips B1
These single-sided strips are designed for hardcover books. Strips can be easily inserted into book spines with a bayonet either on a countertop or right in the stacks and are completely concealed for effective loss prevention.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips B2
These ultra-thin, double-sided strips are designed to be applied between pages of books and periodicals. The extra-long liner makes it easier to insert the strip deeply into the gutter, making it virtually undetectable.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips SB-3
Designed for unboxed audio cassettes and small books. Strips are hidden by a cover-up label that can be printed with a title or other information. Cover-up labels need to be ordered separately.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips DCD-2
These precision-balanced strips are designed for CDs and CD-ROMs. The easy, 1-step application process integrates 2 strips into a clear film overlay that prevents removal and protects the surface of the disc. Strips will not affect performance.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips DVM-1
These strips are designed for unboxed videotapes. Strips are hidden by a cover-up label that can be printed with a title or other information.

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strip R2
Designed for the Model 611 Application System, these new strips can be applied 5 times faster than traditional strips. Strips are automatically dispensed on a roll with no liners to remove and can also be applied to print materials in your library.

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