ProQuest Alexander Street Nursing Assistant Education in Video

Vendor: ProQuest

Students in nursing assistant programs are often faced with the challenge of using a textbook to learn intricate skills, such as how to lift and turn a fragile patient or conduct CPR on a young child. Imagine trying to master how to measure vital signs without any examples of precisely how a healthy heartbeat should sound. To truly excel, nursing assistants need training resources that address the nuances of their role.

Video is the ideal training medium for this highly practical profession. It gives nursing assistants in training and those professionals seeking to brush up on their skills an easy way to observe highly technical procedures and complex patient interactions before practicing in a clinical setting.

Available for the first time online, Nursing Assistant Education in Video presents nearly 40 full-length training videos designed specifically for nursing assistants. Each title features leading industry experts providing hands-on demonstrations and step-by-step instructions in all of the need-to-know areas of nursing assistance. Much like its award-winning sister product Nursing Education in Video, the high quality content within Nursing Assistant Education in Video is the result of a partnership with Medcom Inc., the world’s most respected producer of nursing education videos.

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