ACM Transformative Model for Open Access Publication

ACM Open Model

In the ACM Open model, corresponding authors at participating institutions can publish articles in ACM journals, magazines, and proceedings as Open Access (OA) with no additional fees from July 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025. Authors will retain copyright to their articles and can opt to publish using a Creative Commons license (default CC BY). ACM will also deposit copies of these new OA articles into institutions’ repositories for open sharing, including for non-corresponding authors. Libraries will continue to have full read/subscription access to the ACM Digital Library. OA publishing is unlimited and pricing is fixed during the term of the agreement. Read more:

Pricing Tiers

ACM Open pricing tiers are based on the average number of each institution’s affiliated corresponding authored peer-reviewed research articles published in ACM Digital Library over the last three years. ACM is transparent about its Open pricing tiers. Read more:

The ACM Open model transforms the pricing structure for ACM Digital Library, transparently shifting a greater proportion of costs toward institutions that publish more scholarly articles with ACM. Hence, “publish” institutions may see significant pricing increases under ACM OPEN, while “read” institutions’ prices will decrease over time. More information will be shared at the webinars in early March.

How ACM Open Affects You

  • All Lyrasis subscribers are eligible to join a three-year transitional agreement to full OA for ACM Digital Library starting on July 1, 2023.
  • Libraries whose ACM Digital Library subscriptions renew in summer 2023 may switch to ACM Open on July 1. Libraries that have already renewed for 2023 may also switch to ACM Open on July 1. Your 2023 subscription fees will be credited toward your ACM Open price.
  • Switching to ACM Open is optional for now. However, ACM plans to require all subscribers to switch to the Open model in 2025.
  • To switch to ACM Open or request pricing information, please contact

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