A.D.A.M. Education: Health Resources for Academic Libraries

Health Resources for Academic Libraries combines four authoritative databases that are continually updated to include the most current medical information.

  1. Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia: 3,900 journal articles with illustrations covering diseases, conditions, symptoms, tests, surgeries, medical procedures and treatments; 4,000+ illustrations highlight step-by-step descriptions of common treatments, warnings, tests, results and prevention.
  2. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Over 170 conditions and diseases; a full analysis of over 120 of the most commonly recommended herbs and supplements; more than 650 summaries of prescription and over-the-counter drugs; warnings organized by drug category; alternative and traditional treatment options; information on interactions and possible side effects.
  3. Well-Connected: In-depth reports provide a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of complex information; includes 100 illustrated, detailed reports on health conditions pertaining to heart, lung, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, psychiatric and neurological problems, women’s health, and more; written by top medical journalists and reviewed quarterly by an expert physician board that includes faculty at the Harvard Medical School.
  4. A.D.A.M. Image Database: Over 31,000 detailed and medical accurate images; clinical illustrations about disease states, injuries, first aid, surgical procedures, cellular components and more; all visual content, including images and supporting text, are created by professional medical illustrators and reviewed by physicians and/or anatomical PhD’s for medical accuracy; browse alphabetically; search in English or Spanish.

12 month term and LYRASIS members may subscribe at any time.

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