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Latino Literature delivers approximately 200 novels, hundreds of short stories, more than 450 plays and 20,000 pages of poetry primarily in English, with selected works presented in Spanish.

Authors such as Rudolfo Anaya, Cherry Moraga, Carlos Morton, Alurista, Virgil Suarez, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Ivan Acosta, Oscar Zeta Acosta, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Rolando Hinojosa, Tato Laviera, Lucha Corpi, Luis Valdez, and others are included, along with many others.

Unique methods of indexing provide a host of new ways to find, view, and analyze the material. Authors are indexed for national heritage, gender, birth and death dates, literary movement, occupation, and more. Additional subject headings make it possible to identify material dealing with family life, gender issues, experiences of discrimination, political struggles, and hundreds of other thesaurus terms created for this project.

Semantic Indexing™ allows the user easily to find answers to questions that otherwise are impossible to ask in an electronic database:

Show me the novels of Chicano women authors who were born in California

Show me all drama written between 1940 and 1970 that mentions farm

Show me all the works of Cuban Americans who immigrated in the 1980s

Find monologues for men in plays by writers of Mexican descent

Find all mention of homeland in the literature

More information is available at ProQuest Alexander Street Latino Literature

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