Bloomsbury Open Collections: Gender and Sexuality Frontlist

Bloomsbury Open Collections 2024

Bloomsbury Open Collections is a collective-action approach to funding open access (OA) books, currently in its second year. Through this model, Bloomsbury is aiming to make open access publication available to a wider range of authors by spreading the cost among participating institutions while providing additional benefits to these institutions. Bloomsbury aims to make 20 frontlist titles in each Open Collection open access immediately upon publication.

Participating libraries receive the added benefit of 12 months’ access to ~150 backlist titles in the same subject, as well as permanent access to all frontlist titles in the Open Collection in the event that Bloomsbury does not raise enough funds to make all the titles open access.

This year Bloomsbury is offering three Open Collections, each comprising 20 frontlist titles:

Title lists for each Open Collection (both backlists and frontlists) are available in this Lyrasis Google folder. Additional titles will join the frontlist.

Libraries can sign up to participate any time before November 30, 2024. Titles in the Open Collections are due to publish between March 2025 and February 2026. Each Open Collection operates independently (there are no multi-collection discounts), so libraries can invest in whichever collections are most relevant to their institutions. If Bloomsbury does not raise enough funds to make all 20 frontlist titles in a given Open Collection open access, participating institutions will still receive perpetual access to all 20 frontlist titles + 12 months' access to the backlist. Bloomsbury's fundraising goal is $200,000 USD per Open Collection.

Titles will be made OA in proportion to the percentage of its funding goals achieved by Bloomsbury. If some but not all titles can be made OA, Bloomsbury will prioritize books by authors who are based in low- and middle-income countries, independent researchers, and early-career researchers.


Bloomsbury shall provide each participating institution with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited perpetual access, with no ongoing access fees, to the 20 frontlist titles in the Open Collection regardless of whether they flip to OA or not.
  • Twelve months of gratis access to Bloomsbury’s backlist of ~150 Gender and Sexuality titles. Access will be aligned to the calendar year (e.g., January-December 2025).
  • Public acknowledgement of each participating institution on the Bloomsbury and Lyrasis websites.


Four-year, master's, and doctoral institutions are tiered according to FTE. Community colleges are tiered separately.

Community Colleges (all FTE)

Colleges and Universities with <10,000 FTE

Colleges and Universities with >10,000 FTE




Lyrasis has negotiated a central license agreement with the best possible terms. Participating institutions placing new orders will be asked to agree to abide by the terms at that time.

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