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By joining a group for ORCID institutional membership, libraries get the highest level of membership (Premium Consortium) while simultaneously saving significant dollars. Through a unique inter-consortial partnership with the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), Northeast Research Libraries (NERL), and the Big Ten Academic Alliance, LYRASIS offers premium consortium ORCID membership to any US library for $4,300. For more information, please visit the ORCID US Community site.

ORCID is a non-profit organization supported by a global community of organizational members, including research organizations, publishers, funders, professional associations, and other stakeholders in the research ecosystem.

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (aka ORCID iD) for researchers. Through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, ORCID iDs support automated linkages between researchers and their professional activities ensuring that their work is recognized. While registration for individual researchers is free, there are benefits to an institutional membership. Member benefits to an academic institution:
  • An institutional membership facilitates researchers obtaining and using their ORCID iD. This is especially important as more publishers and funders are requiring the use of ORCID iDs when submitting manuscripts or funding requests. Here is a list of publishers who are or will soon require an ORCID iD at the time of manuscript submission: http://orcid.org/content/requiring-orcid-publication-workflows-open-letter.
  • During the individual ORCID registration process, a researcher is able to designate an affiliation to the member organization as their employer and to grant the institution permission to read, write to, and extract metadata from the researchers record via ORCID’s API.
  • Integration with ORCID’s API then allows an institution automatically update institutional repository/CRIS/HR system with works from associated researchers ORCID records.
  • More information on member benefits, including details on ORCID’s Connect and Collect program are here: http://members.orcid.org/research-organizations.

More information is available at ORCID Membership

LYRASIS has negotiated a central license with the best possible terms. Participating institutions placing new orders will be asked to agree to abide by the terms at that time.

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