OACIP: Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies is participating in the LYRASIS Open Access Community Investment Program (OACIP). The program's goal is to help match libraries, consortia, academic departments, research centers, funding agencies, and other prospective scholarly publishing entities with non-profit publishers and journal editorial boards that are seeking financial support to sustain diamond open access journals.

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About Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS) is a peer-reviewed, Diamond Open Access journal published by the E.L.A. Project (Education and Liberal Arts Project) based out of India. LLIDS, in its scope, covers liberal studies in the field of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies. Its aim is to engage with authors and readers, so as to go beyond the traditional multidisciplinary borders of research to carve a place for interdisciplinarity.

LLIDS seeks to address the diverse standards of worldwide scholarship due to disparities consequent to varied focus of education systems, and to bridge the gap between higher education curriculums and the standards of research expected by the global academic community. This objective brings together an enterprise that engages with well-established scholars—already creating and establishing these standards through their research—alongside the initiates who are entering academia to learn these skills.

LLIDS has also developed Project Knowledge, a searchable database and Facebook feed, to introduce and list Open Access initiatives from all around the world. The database includes repositories, encyclopedias, catalogs, indexes, journals, podcasts, videos, lectures, literature, events, and more for easy access and dissemination amongst students and scholars.

LLIDS is seeking $40,000/year for five years through OACIP to continue its operations for LLIDS as well as Project Knowledge and create a process flow capacity for the increasing number of submissions from and engagement with its authors.

OACIP Criteria Form Responses

Each OACIP participant completes a standardized form that asks for the criteria that libraries and other financial stakeholders require in order to make spending decisions. These criteria will provide transparency around issues important to investors in this space.

LLIDS’s Funding Goal

Funding Goal: $40,000 annually for four years

Funds committed: $13,000 annually for four years

Funding needed: $27,000 annually for four years

Funding deadline: December 31, 2024

Funding Tiers

Four-year commitments are being sought for annual contributions at the tiered levels below:

Support Level

Organization Type
(Carnegie Classification-Basic)

Canada Classification
(CRKN Bands)

Recommended Annual Support
(US Dollars)


Any from Support Levels 1-3
Special Programs
Research Centers
Funding Agencies

Any from Support Levels 1-3
Special Programs
Research Centers
Funding Agencies



Doctoral Institution
Research Center

Bands 12, 13
Research Center



Baccalaureate / Associate's
Special Focus 4-year
Special Focus 2-Year
Tribal Colleges & Universities

Bands 1-11



Academic Department

Academic Department


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The Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies Funding Community

  • Indiana University
  • Iowa State University
  • KU Leuven
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • New York University
  • Ohio State University
  • Swarthmore College
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Washington
  • Villanova University
  • VIVA, Virginia's Academic Library Consortium
  • Yale University

The success of OACIP is possible because of the funding community that forms around it. Any organization in the world - be it a library, academic department, research center, museum, or funding agency - is invited to support OACIP. We are grateful for your support and look forward to working with the growing OACIP Community to build something new together!

How to Participate in OACIP

Step 1: Evaluate the OACIP Journals.

Review the OACIP Journals' campaign pages to learn about each journal and read their responses to the OACIP Criteria Form.

Step 2: Consider your organization's capacity for support.

OACIP asks participants to make four-year commitments to fund 2023 OACIP Journals. Participants can pay annually or the full four-year commitment upfront. Levels of support for each journal are recommended based on the type of organization and the amount of the funding goal.

Organizations can support OACIP a variety of ways:

  • Support one or many individual OACIP Journals; or
  • Contribute to the OACIP General Fund
    • Contributions to the OACIP General Fund are not dedicated to any one journal. Instead, these contributions are distributed at the end of the campaign to fill any funding gaps.

Step 3: Complete the OACIP Supporter Information Form

Once you are ready to commit support, complete the 2023 OACIP Supporter Information Form and an OACIP Administrator will be in touch to confirm and finalize your order.


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