Lyrasis brings together members, content providers, and service providers to develop new models and diverse opportunities to engage.

Core principles: 

  • Authenticity: We prioritize causes that benefit the communities we serve and believe that we can accomplish more together than alone. 
  • Integrity: We cultivate trusted relationships with our members and partners through consistent, open, and honest dialogue. 
  • Inclusivity: We recognize that diverse perspectives create empowered and influential communities. 
    Innovation: We actively seek diverse opportunities to affect positive change. 
  • Connectivity: We strengthen connections within and across communities to foster collaboration for broad and meaningful impact. 
  • Sustainability: We build sustainable communities by respecting the evolving landscape of scholarly communication and developing new models for emerging needs. 

Key features:

  • We simplify the administrative process by negotiating group license agreements that meet current and library-friendly standards for legal, business, and usage terms and establishing pricing that is affordable for a broad and diverse community of members. A full list of all offers. (link to  is available. 
  • We provide robust support for Open Access content programs, several at national scale. 
  • We form new communities to support data exchange and interoperability services that enhance scholarly communication such as ORCIDDataCite, and IRUS-US.
  • We negotiate select digitization and supply discounts for our members from vendors vetted for their high standard of service  

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  Program Overview (Infographic PDF)