ProQuest Alexander Street Classical Music Library

Vendor: ProQuest

Classical Music Library (CML) is the first and largest online database of classical music recordings. CML features performers from more than 32 major and independent labels, including BMG and EMI Classics.

With 35,000+ tracks CML provides your library with high quality and diverse musical selections. Users can listen and learn at any time from any computer, while simultaneously searching and browsing a reference database. Features include an expanded reference section for libraries that subscribe to online databases (Grove Online and W. H. Wilson) that allow educators to create course-specific playlists.

The service incorporates three key teaching tools designed to help direct students toward course-related music:

Course Folders: Librarians and educators can organize and share course music with students in a secure and simple way. This tool can either tie in with an existing digital audio reserve or be used as a stand-alone access point.

Static URLs: All Course Folders and individual recordings reside at permanent URLs that can be sent to students by e-mail or posted to online teaching applications like Blackboard or WebCT.

Custom playlists: All users can create and save their own password-protected playlists.

The service expands a library’s existing collection of classical music recordings while minimizing the problem of damaged or stolen CDs and saving shelf space. Both beginning and advanced users will want to use the service for teaching, learning and research.

Once users identify the tracks they want, they will hear the music over the Internet through their headphones. A powerful but easy-to-use interface lets users search by combining multiple fields including artist, composer, instrument, genre and sub-genre, period, work or opus number, soloist, ensemble, key, and more. Boolean searching allows for added utility.

“Classical Music Library is a breakthrough resource that lets you glimpse what can happen when imaginative thinking and technology come together. An extensive collection . . . . [CML] is a uniquely self-contained resource for teachers, students, librarians and anyone interested in exploring classical music . . . a formidable collection of music and music reference material. Making it available across your institution . . . could fundamentally change what users expect libraries to deliver.” – Library Journal

More information is available at ProQuest Alexander Street Classical Music Library

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