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360 Counter helps you assess your collection to make better decisions and reduce costs

In tough economic times, it is more important than ever before to justify expenditures and optimize purchases based on usage. 360 Counter is the most efficient way to know how much each e-resource is being used at your library. It allows you to make intelligent decisions about which resources to keep, which resources to cut, and the packages to renegotiate.

360 Counter helps your library reduce costs, make more informed collection development decisions, and ultimately provide better experiences for your patrons.

Quickly perform cost-per-use reporting and analysis

360 Counter dramatically reduces the time it takes to process and analyze usage data received from COUNTER-compliant reports. We download and prepare your reports and upload them to 360 Counter. After that, 360 Counter takes over. 360 Counter aggregates data, inserts costs, associates subjects, standardizes titles, calculates usage and costs, and automates analysis. You then can customize reporting based on the criteria that's most important for your library. The outcome is better data, better information, better analysis, and better decisions.

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