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Independent Voices

Reveal Digital

Independent Voices is a four-year project, 2013-2016, to digitize and make widely available through open access over 1 million pages of alternative press material sourced from the special collections of participating libraries.


Over the next four years, 2013-2016, Reveal Digital will release a series of digital collections of the alternative press that are complete runs of newspapers, magazines and journals drawn from the special collections of participating libraries (collectively, the “Collection”). These periodicals were produced by feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals and the New Left, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Hispanics, LGBTs, anarchists, the extreme right-wing press and alternative literary magazines. When completed, the Collection will represent the largest digital collection of alternative press titles, with complete runs of over 1,000 titles and 1,000,000 pages.

The Collection is offered under a unique cost recovery/open access acquisition model that results in prices that are 20% of what a library would expect to pay for more traditionally published products, while guaranteeing that the material will eventually become open access. Permissions are obtained from copyright holders that allow their material to be included in the Collection for both controlled and open access. These permissions also extend to the source libraries and their rights to host and display the material. Reveal will provide access through its platform with long-term access and archiving provided by a trusted third-party. Contributing libraries will have a voice in future collection development areas for Reveal and their special collection holdings will have a priority as sources of material for digitization.

From January through June, 2013, LYRASIS, as the administrative agent for this initiative, will be collecting expressions of support for Independent Voices. Submissions forms and more detailed information on the program are linked below. Support from libraries is requested as follows, either in 4 equal payments in 2013-2016, or one lump sum.

  • Bachelors, 2 yr. colleges, and smaller public libraries: $1,283 annually for 4 years, or a one-time payment of $5,130

  • Masters: $1,693 annually for 4 years, or a one-time payment of $6,770

  • Other Doctorate: $2,563 annually for 4 years, or a one-time payment of $10,250

  • ARLs and large public libraries: $5,125 annually for 4 years, or a one-time payment of $20,500

More Information:

Independent Voices Prospectus (detailed description of project)

Reveal Digital web site

Expression of Interest Form (Word document)

Expression of Interest Form (online submission)

Contact Support for additional information.

Reveal Digital Looks to Digitize Special Collections​​