Academic libraries occupy a unique space in the scholarly ecosystem. You serve users who need access to a wide variety of data and research, you support scholarly publishing from researchers and faculty, and you serve as one of the most important gathering places on your campus.

The services and programs that LYRASIS offers are designed to help you deliver the information resources your users need, in the way they demand, as well as helping your staff manage the backroom facets of collections management, digitization and preservation, scholarly publishing and vendor licensing and negotiations. Our recognized expertise in open source technologies and open access resources keeps your university at the forefront of knowledge trends and practices. Plus our leadership programs and events give you a seat at the table for the important discussions and new innovative projects of the day.

LYRASIS is the only non-profit membership organization that is focused on leveraging the size and knowledge of the wider library community to eliminate the risk for innovation and participation by our members by absorbing the costs and risks of new program and tool development, collaboratively and at scale.

LYRASIS serves academic libraries and more by building communities and solving the problems of today with the solutions of tomorrow.

LYRASIS helps you fulfill your mission with tools and technologies developed especially for academic libraries.