Lyrasis is a non-profit membership organization committed to the success of libraries and cultural heritage organizations. Through Lyrasis, libraries and cultural heritage professionals come together and collaborate on activities, offerings and projects that serve the needs of their users and communities.

Institutional Members

Institutional members enjoy full membership benefits including member pricing on training, supplies, consulting, the Digitization Collaborative and hosting services as well as full participation in all strategic licensing and governance activities.

Leaders Circle

This is our forward looking, think tank group of members who are early adopters, not content to wait for change to come to them, but want to be part of the change. They are committed to helping build sustainable programs, services, and solutions by establishing standards, fair pricing and governance that will impact the broader community. This group meets at least once a year and is regularly engaged with critical Lyrasis initiatives underway. Leaders Circle participants include senior professionals in archives, public and academic libraries, and museums. Leaders Circle membership is open to all existing Lyrasis members at a slightly higher membership rate than the institutional membership (which is more focused on transactional services). Because we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere, scholarships are available for institutions that are resource constrained. Please consider joining.​