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As a membership organization, community is not only important to LYRASIS, it is who we serve and who our members serve. Community is also about our approach. We take the lead from our members and their communities as we develop our programs, products and services. And, we help to build community together with our members and other partners through collaboration, networking, and the sharing of ideas, best practices, firsthand experiences and solutions.


Share your expertise, experience and accomplishments with other LYRASIS Member Libraries and be an active member of the LYRASIS community.

Collaborative Communities

Our members fall into a number of community categories, including, but not limited to:

The strength of our membership comes from both the diversity of our members and their communities, and the similarities they share.

For more information about our Communities, please contact Timothy Cherubini.

Consortial Cooperation

An integral part of our community is consortia. We work with other consortia by providing our products and services and by developing collaborative products and services. We facilitate this cooperation by sponsoring:

  • Consortia Summit (every Fall)

  • Group Exchange Calls (informal and as needed, as often as monthly)

  • Consortia Listserv

  • International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC); An informal group of library consortia from around the world that facilitates discussion on issues of common interest, speaks out collectively on major library issues, advances best practices among libraries and consortia, and influences the prices and terms of publisher product offerings. In support of the ICOLC LYRASIS maintains its Listserv and web site ( and LYRASIS staff participate actively in meetings and discussions.

To be a part of our consortia community, please contact Tom Sanville.​