IMLS Public Libraries Survey Courses for State Data Coordinators (SDC’s)

Introduction to the IMLS Public Libraries Survey for New State Data Coordinators

(30 Minutes)

Target audience: New State Data Coordinators added after the SDC Conference

This 30-minute overview will introduce new State Data Coordinators (SDC’s) to the IMLS Public Libraries Survey (PLS).

After this session, new SDC’s will be able to:

  • Understand the background and history of the PLS
  • Demonstrate the value of the survey for libraries and other groups
  • Define and discuss how the survey results are used and by whom
  • Utilize available resources for assistance in completing the survey

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​Understanding the IMLS PLS Web Portal and Data Entry Workflows:  Arrangement, Question Types, Changes and Challenges

(1 hour, Live Online)

Target audience: New State Data Coordinators, State Data Coordinators not in attendance at the SDC Conference, Experienced SDC’s that want an in depth review of the PLS Web Portal


During this one-hour live online webinar, SDC’s will review the PLS Web Portal interface, question types and arrangement. Changes in the questions and definitions made since the previous survey will be discussed. The session will conclude with a review of questions that might prove challenging to survey participants in the field, and how SDC’s can assist.

After this session, SDC’s will be able to:

  • Understand how the survey is organized and arranged

  • Know the types of questions asked in the survey

  • Identify changes to questions since the last survey

  • Define changes to terminology since the last survey

  • Respond to challenging questions and assist library staff with completing those items  

  • Utilize available resources for assistance in c​ompleting the survey

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Using the IMLS PLS Web Portal: Overview and Data Entry Examples

(1 hour, Live Online)


This one-hour live online course will provide an in depth overview of the PLS Web Portal. The session includes an overview of the Web Portal interface and examples of basic data entry and editing for each portion of the survey. This session will run the participants through both the importing a data file and inputting the data manually.

During this session, SDC’s will be presented with a review and demonstration of:

  • Entering state data characteristics

  • Administrative entity data

  • Outlet data

  • Match Reports

  • Edit Reports

  • Locking data

  • Sign off procedures for State Library Agency chiefs

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Using the PLS Web Portal:  Problem Solving - Match & Edit Reports

(1.5 hours, Live Online)

Don’t panic! Every State Data Coordinator is presented with the challenge of Match and Edit Report errors, and it can be one of the most frustrating parts of completing the PLS. This session, which will use dynamic examples in the PLS Web Portal, is designed to help SDC’s avoid common problems with Match and Edit Reports, and when they do happen, SDC’s will leave this session better equipped to solve Match and Edit Report problems.

During this session, SDC’s will review and discuss:

  • Match reports
    • Preventing Match Report Errors
    • Resolving Match Report Errors  
  • Edit reports
    • Preventing Match Report errors
    • Resolving Match Report errors