LYRASIS is for Academic Libraries

Our recognized expertise in open source and open access technologies and our large national and global membership gives your institution easy access to knowledge, resources and opportunities to directly participate in the ideation, development and deployment of real-world solutions and services. LYRASIS is the only non-profit membership organization that is focused on leveraging the size and knowledge of the wider library community to save time, dollars and elevate your library as leaders within the university ecosystem.

LYRASIS is for Public Libraries

Whether your organization draws funding via an independent taxing district, if you are semi-independent, or are a consolidated governmental library, LYRASIS offers you solutions that elevate you in the mind of your community and help you fulfill your mission. We recognize that every public library and public library system has a different set of needs and we create programs that provide access to vital content, technologies and other solutions, all designed to amplify the power of your staff and create the best possible services for your community. LYRASIS makes your library a leader with unique opportunities to work together with other forward-thinking and visionary libraries, archives and museums, of all shapes and sizes, to create, develop and deploy real-world solutions and services designed to benefit collections holding institutions. ​​

LYRASIS is for All Libraries

Public, private, large or small, our content, technologies and other programs are designed to help you deliver the best resources and services to your community, as well as give you an active role in designing the future of new tools, solutions and initiatives for collections-holding institutions worldwide.