​Membership dues provide a base from which LYRASIS works on behalf of its members to develop and bring forward a wide variety of services to assist libraries and cultural heritage organizations with their goals. Our institutional member dues tiers are based on your organization's operating budget * and the LYRASIS membership year runs July 1 – June 30. To determine which tier your organization falls into, please view the table below.

Dues invoices will be issued in mid May. If you want an invoice sooner email membership@lyrasis.org.

​Membership Tier
​Member Operating Budget*

Member Dues
​Institutional 1 ​$0 up to $200,000 ​$460
​Institutional 2 ​$200,000 up to $1M $730
​Institutional 3 ​$1M up to $4M $1,395
​Institutional 4 ​$4M + $1,725
​Leaders Circle
​NA ​$2,500
​Group Agent ​NA To be determined based on needs and offerings

Note: Note: The Leaders Circle is a special level of participation in the LYRASIS community. This program costs $2,500 and includes current membership dues at the Institutional and Group Agent tiers listed above. Participation is considered an optional add-on that conveys all the same benefits of Institutional and Group Memberships but also focuses on networking, intersections between GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive, Museum) communities and helping LYRASIS set critical direction. Find out more about Leaders Circle benefits.

*Operating budget includes all current costs necessary to support the provision of services for a 12-month period. Significant costs include:

Salaries and wages; Employee benefits; Collection expenditures; Computers (hardware and software) for operations and public access, whether purchased or leased; and other operating expenses such as network/consortia fees, preservation or conservation expenses, supplies, professional development, service fees, consultants, furniture & equipment purchase and repair, exhibition development, etc.

Operating budgets/expenditures do not include capital expenditures, new building or building renovation costs. They should also not include the value of free items, donations and volunteers.

Library operating budget expenses would also include: Collection expenditures for all materials in print, microform, electronic and other formats considered part of the collection, whether purchased, leased or licensed; Document delivery and interlibrary loan; and Binding.

Group Agent Membership is available to organizations that serve multiple other organizations. Examples are state library agencies, local consortia, or associations of libraries and cultural heritage organizations with a similar focus (e.g., trial court or hospital libraries served by a central administrative agent). Group Agent Member central agencies are eligible for some of the benefits of LYRASIS membership. The organizations served by the Group Agent Member are also eligible for certain LYRASIS membership benefits including member pricing on professional development and library supply discounts.

To request more information about how LYRASIS works with various types of groups, click here.

To learn more about the Leaders Circle, click here.

Not in the United States? Click here to request more information about international membership.

LYRASIS is also organizational home four membership-funded programs. ArchivesSpace, DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO. To become a member of these programs, click here or visit here for more information.