LYRASIS is a 501 c 3 non-profit membership organization whose mission is to support enduring access to the world’s shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions through collaboration.

LYRASIS provides a full range of programs and services designed specifically to help your library, archive or museum maximize your own resources as a result of cost savings, time-savings and one-stop access to multiple programs that meet the needs of your institution. Our unique nationwide and international membership allows us to leverage and create communities around areas of interest in ways not duplicated elsewhere. LYRASIS was created by its members to help tackle wide-reaching challenges with a collective strength and our goal is to help your institution scale and leverage better through your membership as part of our broader community.

For Members: What if I need help or have a question?

Member Services is available Monday – Friday, 8 M – 5 PM EST. You may contact Member Services by phone at 800.999.8558, by email at or by fax to 404.892.7879. You can also click the “Chat with Us” link at any time it’s active and communicate with a Member Services representative by chat or text.

Member Outreach Representatives are regionally-based librarians and specialists who work hard to ensure that members and future members in specific geographic regions have an in-person representative to meet current and future needs, as well as ensure that your institution considers communities or opportunities of interest at large when the opportunity arises. The Member Outreach Representative is there to not only discuss and resolve current matters, but listen to your needs and provide LYRASIS or partner based solutions. Click here to learn more about your regional Member Outreach Representative and how to get in touch.


Each LYRASIS member is eligible for a My LYRASIS account which provides access to our online account management platform. Your membership includes options for two financial accounts, a Deposit Account (identified as the "60" account) and an Open Invoice Account (identified as the "00" account). In addition to providing access to your financial account information, My LYRASIS also offers an easy quote approval process.

How Do I Order Products and Services if I’m not on My LYRASIS?

To request a quote or place an order for a product or service, you can submit your inquiry through the product and service pages on our website or simply contact your Member Outreach Representative or email Member Services and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

How Do You Order Products and Services?

To request a quote or place an order for a product or service, you can submit your inquiry through the product and service pages on our website​​ or contact your Member Outreach Representative or email Member Support.

How Do I Fund the Deposit Account?

The Deposit Account feature allows you to pay in advance for products and services. The Deposit Invoice Request form is available on the My LYRASIS platform and all that needs to be done is to complete and submit and an invoice will generate and be delivered via email. Deposit funds can be used for any purpose that a Member institution deems, including paying for any LYRASIS service. Members can also direct LYRASIS to make payments be made to 3rd parties.

How Do I Track Your Invoices and Payments?

Check out the FAQs, which explain how to use your My LYRASIS Account to track invoicing and payment details through your Deposit and Open Invoice Accounts.

Tax Exempt Status

If your library is tax exempt, please supply a copy of your tax exempt form on file to avoid invoicing errors. Fax to 404.592.4996 or email as an attachment to

Interested in Attending Classes and Events?

Classes and events are available throughout the year. Dates, format, price and registration details are available in each course description. You can easily register for classes and events on the My LYRASIS platform or on the LYRASIS website. Please click here to learn about registration information.

What's the Latest News at LYRASIS?

Every other Tuesday, except on holidays, you will receive the member newsletter, LYRASIS News. Each issue contains important membership messages, member news, special events, product promotions and service offerings. We invite any staff member to subscribe.

Governance Rights and Responsibilities

All Institutional Members have one vote in governance matters brought before the LYRASIS membership. Leaders Circle members have additional input into other functions that impact the membership, including voting on Catalyst Fund awards

More Useful Information

Tell the world you're a LYRASIS member by requesting a logo for your website.

Click here to view LYRASIS Amended and Restated Bylaws and the LYRASIS Board of Trustees.