​Whether you are home to fine art, natural history, or any other type of unique collections, LYRASIS can give you the solutions, services and opportunities you need to set your museum apart. We are nationally-recognized experts in open source technologies, hosting and migration, as well as collections management, preservation and more. In addition, LYRASIS is the home of CollectionSpace, an open source collections-management solution for museums that can help your team manage your unique collections with ease and develop innovative tools and resources to enhance the patron experience. Plus, LYRASIS has team members who are museum professionals with deep expertise in the field who are always working to enhance, identify and support new programs and services designed especially for you.



CollectionSpace is an open-source collections management application that is led, hosted, supported, maintained, and developed by LYRASIS, a non-profit leader with a commitment to collaboration that advances the field of museology.

Museum Technology Landscape

The project was funded to investigate the museum technology landscape around collections, and how well it supports internal operations as well as community programming.​ To share findings and support community dialogue around potential future directions, a final report, dataset, and presentation are available here.​

Leadership Initiatives

More than 200 libraries, archives and museums are actively involved in these programs so far, engaging in early innovation exploration, cross-institution collaboration and initial vetting of ideas, services and programs. Our members work together on new ideas and trends throughout the year in informal forums. Catalyst Fund ideas submitted by members are then selected by vote of the Leaders Circle to be funded. During the annual Member Summit, Catalyst Fund recipients report on progress and members work together to consider future directions for funded projects, including expansion and potential grant or business planning. Through these leadership programs, LYRASIS members are able to participate in the creation and fruition of new ideas all the way through the life cycle of a program.

Leaders Circle
Leaders Forums
Catalyst Fund
Member Summit

Community Supported Open Source Software

LYRASIS is the structural and fiscal organizational home to two open source software solutions that have a combined membership of over 350 institutions. This unique model allows for community-driven governance and contribution to work inside the boundaries and security of a professionally managed host organization.

ArchivesSpace Solution for Archives Management
CollectionSpace Solution for Museums and Archives Collections Management

Digital and Preservation Services

LYRASIS Digital and Preservation Services is a source for libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage organizations to obtain the services, information, and expert assistance they need to manage their physical and digital collections. Classes, local training, consulting, and information resources are all provided to help institutions address the long-term management of and access to collections being purchased, licensed, digitized, and created at local institutions. The mission of Digital and Preservation Services is to improve institutions' abilities to maintain long-term, cost-effective access to information resources in both traditional and networked collections, as well as emergency planning and response efforts.

Digitization and Preservation Discounts

Products and Services for Museums

CCAHA - 10% Discount for LYRASIS members
The Crowley Company - 10% discount on all services
Digital Bedrock - 10% discount for LYRASIS members
George Blood, L.P. Data Recovery Services - 10% discount for LYRASIS members
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