​The Lyrasis DataCite US Community provides a pathway for non-profit organizations to participate in open infrastructure and related best-practices across the research, scholarly communication, and cultural heritage landscape, while contributing to the sustainability and growth of DataCite DOIs and the global persistent identifier (PID) community at large.

Participating organizations will benefit from:

  • The ability to create DOIs either via DataCite’s Fabrica site, or through local system integrations with the DataCite API
  • Membership cost sharing - the annual membership fee for participating organizations is based on the number of DOIs created by each organization each year. Dollar amounts are based on the current exchange rate and are subject to change in future years.

    • For organizations creating 1-1,999 DOIs per year, the annual membership fee is $1,625 plus $1.00 per DOI.

    • For organizations creating 2,000-10,000 DOIs per year, the annual membership fee is a flat rate of $3,600 per year.

    • Any organizations creating more than 10,000 DOIs per year would need to operate as a direct member with DataCite.

  • Dedicated support for all administrative and technical DOI needs
  • Inclusion in activities and resources for a committed community of practice around DOIs in the US
  • A global data-sharing community and the opportunity to collaborate with a leading-edge network of research data experts
Lyrasis provides community engagement and outreach, best practices guidance, technical support, licensing, and administration, including invoicing to all organizations participating in the Lyrasis DataCite US Community.

Membership in the new Lyrasis DataCite US Community is open to all non-profit organizations in the US that are new to DataCite, with the understanding that over time participating organizations may choose to join DataCite as direct members and further support the sustainability of DataCite DOIs. The intent of the Lyrasis DataCite US Community is to provide an on-ramp for new organizations interested in utilizing DOIs. Our goal is to collectively improve the sustainability of DataCite as a shared responsibility for all members.

Current Members

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