The CollectionSpace system is an advanced, open, flexible and scalable collections management solution that evolves with emerging needs to offer high value and high return on investment. The CollectionSpace system can energize your patron experience, increase your staff engagement and deliver the true value of both your physical and digital assets. CollectionSpace is already being used by numerous large and small institutions. Hosting has never been more affordable and we can help you with your data migration to save your staff time. Training and support is dependable, trusted and straightforward. As a LYRASIS service, CollectionSpace offers proven reliability from a community trusted non-profit with 82 years of experience. If you are using any of the legacy collections management systems, it’s time to consider a change to a museum-focused community like CollectionSpace.

“Fostering and enabling best practices, integrations, and connecting collections to staff and patrons”


Try Before You Buy:

Be up and running in 5 days with a ‘test and try’ for no cost. Are you ready to experience the next generation CMS? You can, at no cost. Our Try Before You Buy option provides you with a private CollectionSpace sandbox for 30 days. You can add sample data, have your staff and colleagues test out everyday workflows, and make a decision based on real-world experience rather than canned demos and marketing materials. Let LYRASIS do all the technical heavy-lifting to provide this premium Collections Management Software (CMS) solution. Click here for more information.

Features of CollectionSpace:

  • An advanced, open, flexible, scalable, hosted collections management solution that excels at core functionality;

  • A solution that evolves with current and emerging requirements, and offers high value and high return on investment;

  • A maintenance-free solution with a low barrier to adoption, enabled by key migration products and services; and 

  • A comprehensive product roadmap that evolves with collection management needs.