Lyrais Digital and Preservation Services is a source for libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage organizations to obtain the services, information, and expert assistance they need to manage their physical and digital collections. Classes, local training, consulting, and information resources are all provided to help institutions address the long-term management of and access to collections being purchased, licensed, digitized, and created at local institutions. The mission of Digital and Preservation Services is to improve institutions' abilities to maintain long-term, cost-effective access to information resources in both traditional and networked collections, as well as emergency planning and response efforts.

​Digital and Preservation Services include:

Comprehensive, up-to-date information on aspects of library and archival preservation ranging from disaster preparedness to reformatting, with services including referrals to conservators, specialized consultants and other service providers. Lyrasis also offers disaster recovery advice after emergencies such as fires, floods, leaks, and outbreaks of pests and mold. If you have a question, please call 800.999.8558 or email the Preservation Services staff.

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