​DuraCloud is an open source, hosted digital preservation service which combines flexible storage options with powerful tools to simplify your preservation workflow. From streamlined upload to robust storage and reliable retrieval, DuraCloud enables you to steward your digital assets with confidence. For more information, browse the DuraCloud Guide, or request a quote today!

​DuraCloud Features

  • Choose among multiple storage options including Amazon S3, Glacier, and Chronopolis.

  • Easily and efficiently back up, replicate, and synchronize your content using a desktop tool, REST API, command line, or through a browser-based interface

  • Upload files in any structure; file directory structures are maintained and reproduced upon retrieval

  • Automated multi-point bit integrity checks and automatic error reporting with automatic file recovery (between S3 and Glacier storage options)

  • Host content (including images, text, audio, and video) to enable public access to content through external tools and systems

  • Role-based access controls to support use by multiple departments, divisions, teams, and individuals

  • Integrations to support repository backup (DSpace), archival file storage (Archivematica), and web archives (Archive-It)

Advantages of hosting with Lyrasis

  • Predictable annual billing and the option to add additional storage at any time with annual subscription tiers starting at 2 Terabytes for $1,580.

  • Fully hosted, no need to manage servers or software updates

  • Supported by digital preservation experts who are available to answer questions as you build your preservation strategy

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