Lone Arranger

​LYRASIS is launching a new ArchivesSpace hosting service, designed and priced specifically for the Lone Arranger community (small archives, museums, historical societies that have little IT support and limited financial resources)! The service acts as an internal, administrative system to organize, manage, and describe archival records and collections.​

  • Will have its own repository, housed along with many other institutions and their repositories in a single, shared instance of ArchivesSpace.
  • Will have exclusive access to their own repository and the data within it.
  • Will share a single branding template on the web-accessible, staff-side interface (a public-facing interface is not available with this service), complete with a Lone Arranger logo and LYRASIS footer.
  • Will share several metadata types (Agents, Controlled Values, Locations, and Subjects) between all repositories
  • Will have access to LYRASIS standard video training, user's manual, and the LYRASIS "Lone Arranger" Google Group, which acts as a community support mechanism between LYRASIS "Lone Arranger" clients.
  • Will receive 24x7 monitoring, upgrades of the application for new versions released by the ArchivesSpace community, and care for the underlying operating system components.