​Orbis Cascade Alliance

A consortia of colleges and universities in the Northwest engaged LYRASIS to assist in analyzing workflows and metadata standards needed to support a presentation of digital objects with context from finding aids as part of a demonstration grant. The results was a clear understanding and shared definition of metadata standards and infrastructure needs thanks to a dynamic expert. As a result of this project, Orbis Cascade Alliance is moving forward not only with a substantial redesign of its finding aids site, but with the groundwork laid to become a Digital Public Library of America content hub. 

“There are few things more productive and fun than to lock a working group facilitated by Leigh Grinstead in a room with several pots of coffee for a day. The result? Products that we can put into use to transform our programs. We’re always grateful for her assistance.”

Kansas State University

Kansas State University solicited help from LYRASIS to evaluate its digitization workflows and processes to improve  productivity and efficiency. A strategic task force used the findings as a tool when assessing the current department that resulted in moving the digitization unit into a different department, The report was used to help define roles and responsibilities for managing the digital lifecycle of its collections, and to create a Digital Initiatives Librarian position. This new position will be responsible for implementing many of the recommendations, including defining production unit workflow, identifying new equipment and software needs, and developing imaging guidelines. The university is pleased to have a plan in place to better realize increased productivity and best practices, similar to examples at other institutions shared by the LYRASIS consultants.

Indiana State Library

Indiana State Library received consulting that confirmed its environmental issues and need for additional staff from an impartial source. The archives was able to document the necessary changes and better prioritize its needs. As a result, the archives has since increased patron satisfaction by organizing and shelving rolled items and by de-binding hospital patient records. The archives has also reduced risk by boxing books with red rot, storing rolled items differently, and by bracing slumping files. Additional activities on the archives’ to do list include hiring more staff, implementing electronic work orders, acquiring an additional safe, replacing damaged boxes, increasing its flat files, wrapping paintings, adding fire extinguisher signs and completing its disaster plan.

“Working with LYRASIS helped confirm some of our collections care and processing priorities and to re-prioritize some others. It was helpful having an objective expert review our situation.”

University of Dayton

University of Dayton received environmental readings and expert interpretation to guide two follow-up grant proposals after engaging LYRASIS to evaluate its collection conditions. As a result, the library implemented rehousing for its prioritized collections, a rigorous cleaning schedule, and a thorough review of policies and procedures. Additionally, the library has applied for a disaster training grant and is in the process of writing a second grant to support some of the more costly environmental improvements recommended by LYRASIS. This project has garnered labor savings and reduced risk for the library, while significantly helping to extend the life of its vital collections.

Marywood University

Marywood University in Pennsylvania that received a preservation assistance grant is now better prepared to move into its new building with a clear strategy for evaluating, moving and preserving extensive holdings within its collections. The library can achieve significant savings by outsourcing the digitization of thousands of photographic slides instead of completing the task on premises. Additionally, the numerous suggestions provided by the LYRASIS consultant regarding the preservation and organization of the collection will reduce the risk of deterioration of artifacts and enhance patron access to the collection. Many more recommendations will be implemented once the library is in its new location.

"Working with Tom Clareson was a pleasure.  He was knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  Tom made the project proceed smoothly from start to finish, and his work will continue to be useful for the library well into the future."

Hospital Archives

A hospital in the Rocky Mountain area was able to create a digitization and preservation plan for its historic documents and films as a result of collaborating with LYRASIS. The hospital was able to ensure a successful move to a new location, and is now working with various departments to preserve and share historic information, while saving many hours of labor thanks to the assistance of an expert in developing the digital plan for its archives.