With the world and needs of our community constantly evolving, our team continuously researches new practices and methodologies to incorporate into existing areas.  We also strive to discover new service areas of benefit to the profession.

Emerging Trends services are discounted on a case-by-case basis and provide the opportunity to not only improve a client's institution, but can be shared to promote positive growth and innovation.

For more information contact Erin Tripp at erin.tripp@lyrasis.org.

1. Cultural Change Management Using the Organizational Cultural Assessment Tool (OCAI)

OCAI is an assessment tool used by corporations across the United States to determine the kind of work culture that the organization has today and through facilitation discovers the culture that is desired organization in the future. Libraries in Europe have successfully used this method to bring staff together and garner buy-in during the strategic planning process or with new management changes.

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2. Managing and Overseeing Remote Teams

LYRASIS has an 80% remote workforce.  Leverage our experience to improve your remote team management and coordination. Our services can identify barriers in communication and how tools or policies can assist with remote working and create opportunities to consider new practices to incorporate into daily routines for better collaboration.