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LYRASIS client research represents the intellectual output that our world-class team of experts have engaged with over many years to aide institutions, organizations, and our LAM community to discover trends and solutions that help future proof our profession. Whether an institution has a challenge they desire to solve locally or an organization needs to assess an element of the profession as a whole, LYRASIS client research can find unique strategies to garner information and discover how to move forward. As a result, new strategies, methodologies, and programs are created that can benefit all.

For example, our research work with open source and community-supported programs has resulted in LYRASIS offering consulting serves to support their sustainability. We helped co-create and are now implementing consulting services focused on the It Takes a Village Sustainability Model. We have worked or are in the process of working with ARKsInTheOpenArchivesSpace, CollectionsSpaceDSpace, FedoraPerforming Arts Readiness (PAR), Samvera, VIVO, the Digital Curation Network (DCN), and others, in a variety of ways, to focus on long-term sustainability planning. 

Based on our research, we know that the open-source and community-supported program landscape is wide and varied. Our aim is to bring LYRASIS subject matter expertise, based on decades of cumulative experience, to bear on a complex topic. We understand that sustainability is not a linear process, with clear beginning and end points; rather, it shifts and evolves over time across several facets and phases. We can help support and facilitate the work necessary for communities as they assess their current needs. Ultimately, LYRASIS consultants will help organizations as they develop shared, long-term strategies, and we’ll provide communities with the information necessary to contribute to the sustainability of these open source and community supported programs.

“There are few things more productive and fun to lock a working group facilitated by Leigh Grinstead in a room with several pots of coffee for a day. The result? Products that we can put into use to transform our programs.”

- Orbis Cascade Alliance