Laurie Gemmill Arp

Director, DuraSpace Community Supported Programs


Megan Forbes

CollectionSpace Program Manager


Erin Tripp, BJH, MLIS

​In addition to overseeing state and national level projects where oversight and structure needs to be created for success, our team has practical experience in the set-up, stewardship, and sustainability of open source and other community-supported programs. We work or have worked in a variety of capacities with ARKsInTheOpen, ArchivesSpace, CollectionsSpace, DSpace, Fedora, Performing Arts Readiness (PAR), Samvera, VIVO, the Digital Curation Network (DCN) and others on long-term sustainability planning. 

Sustainability is not a linear process, with set beginning and end points, it shifts and evolves over time across a number of phases and facets. The open source and community supported program landscape is wide and varied. We aim to bring our subject matter expertise, based on decades of cumulative experience, to help you understand your needs, develop shared sustainability strategies, and provide your community with the information to assess and contribute to the sustainability of your programs.

“I met with members of the team yesterday and we are already making plans to engage and test these models with our administrators. We greatly appreciate all the time and expertise you have shared on this project. This was an invaluable experience for us and we could not have gotten this far without your input.”

- Digital Curation Network