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Leigh A. Grinstead


Katy L. W. Klettlinger, MLIS

​Whether creating your institution's next strategic plan or creating a planning document for a project or program we can help.  All of consultants have multiple years of experience from assisting organizations to providing guidance for national initiatives.

Our team collects preliminary research, conducts both quantitative and qualitative data collection, facilitates meetings, and provides recommendations for positively moving forward.

Past partners include: 

Texas Archives Resources Online (TARO), DC Public Libraries, Denver Botanic Gardens, Oak Park Public Library, Naropa University Allen Ginsberg Library, Oklahoma State University, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Nebraska State historical Society, Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Rhode Island School of Design, and the Clyfford Still Museum.

“There are few things more productive and fun than to lock a working group facilitated by Leigh Grinstead in a room with several pots of coffee for a day. The result? Products that we can put into use to transform our programs.”

- Orbis Cascade Alliance